Dreamcatchers accepts 20 students a year into the program starting in 6th grade and follows them for 9 years. As the program progresses, Dreamcatchers will surround students with caring adults and introduce them to the diversity of life outside the focus of their everyday lives. Below, please find the programmatic themes that each of the 9 years will be designed around.

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What makes Dreamcatchers unique?

  • We focus on depth not breadth – we take “an inch wide and a mile deep” approach to youth development
  • We lead with relationships, not programming
  • We surround students with caring adults beginning in sixth grade – ensuring long-term engagement
  • We focus on helping students discover their gifts, not just addressing their needs
  • We create individualized platforms for students to name, know and nourish their sparks
  • We’re grounded in a theoretical framework of youth development that moves away from a “one size fits all” methodology
  • We use validated social-emotional assessment tools to inform our prevention and intervention strategies
  • We adapted our model from Trekkers, Inc. and their evidence-based Youth Programming Principles
Individualized Supports for Each Student
Students Per Cohort
Total Years of Support
Total Students Enrolled by 2029
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