What is the application process and timeline for participating in Dreamcatchers?
  • Each year, Dreamcatchers will have 20 openings for 6th graders who are attending school in Immokalee.
  • During the fall of each new school year, Dreamcatchers will offer preview activities for 6th grade students who are interested in signing up as a way to learn about the program.
  • In November, all interested sixth graders in the community will be invited to attend one of two informational student/parent or guardian meetings, to learn more about the program and receive the official application.
  • If a student is interested in participating, they will be required to submit the application by the last day of school before the December holiday break.
  • Dreamcatchers staff will then meet individually with all interested students and their parent(s) or guardian in January which could take place at the student’s school, their home, or the Dreamcatchers office depending on the family’s preference.
  • Students will be notified about the selection results during the first week of February.
What if there are more applications than you have spots for?

If, after all individual meetings with interested students are completed, there are more than 20 students interested in the program, Dreamcatchers will implement an inclusive and random lottery system to select the students. The lottery system will be designed to produce a gender balance of students who can participate. Please note: Neither the content of a student’s application or the outcome of the interview process will be a factor in determining a student’s eligibility for the lottery.

What if Dreamcatchers receives 20 or less applications – does everyone get selected?

If there are less than 20 applications, all students who go through the family meet and greet process will be selected to participate in the program.

What if my name is not selected from the lottery?

If a lottery system for the selection of students is required, the students not selected will be put on a waiting list.

What if you receive my application after the deadline?

All applications will need to be postmarked by the designated cut-off date. If a student returns the completed application after the deadline, their application will not be eligible for the lottery, and their name will be put on the waiting list.

What if a student cannot attend the preview programs or make one of the informational meetings?

If a student cannot make the preview activities or one of the informational meetings, they still may call or email the Dreamcatchers office and request an application during the open enrollment process. Applications will also be available to download from our website.

How will I know if I have been selected?

All students will be notified by either mail, phone, or e-mail – according to parent/guardian’s instructions in the application – after the outcome of the selection process.

Can I participate in the Dreamcatchers program in addition to being in an after-school program?

Yes. The Dreamcatchers program is not an after-school program and therefore all students are encouraged to continue participating in other programs and activities.

Is there a fee required to be in the program?

There are no fees required to be involved with Dreamcatchers. All program expenses are paid for by our generous donors.